LAURUS, the school of excellence, believes that the parents are the back bone of the school. Their total co-operation to the school, involvement in the regular academic activities of their wards will serve the purpose of real education in motivating the students and enabling them reach academic heights.
They are also expected to follow the various guidelines given periodically, in the interest of the child’s overall personality development.


Not for any simple reason, it is said that TEACHING IS A NOBLE PROFESSION. Teachers are like burning candles that help other candles to get ignited. They are the carriers of the sane wisdom from one generation to another.
We believe that a teacher should be a role model, guide and mentor. For, a child is easily motivated by the words and deeds of the teacher. Hence we believe that the teacher has to stand on a high pedestal.


Students are the important target-audience to a school. At LAURUS, they are trained to be disciplined, to be tolerant towards all individual faiths.
They are imparted a holistic education through educational technology tools by experienced faculty.
They will be given enough opportunities to showcase their talents.