As an eldest son of a teacher and member of the teaching community, his passion for TEACHING is unquestionable. When he started OXFORD HIGH SCHOOL at Hanamkonda, Warangal, competing with very well established schools many eye-brows were raised. Today, he is very proud to say that getting an admission into OXFORD itself has become an ‘in’ thing.

With the same passion, we have launched LAURUS, the school of excellence. As an Educational Psychologist he understands many facets of students’ personality. And he is ever ready to address the psychological issues of the students directly and of the parents indirectly in the process of achieving better learning outcomes.

To enable the child learn in stress-free environment, LAURUS has activity-based curriculum in line with various boards.

We are sure that with Dr.Gopala Krishna’s experience and with the thought-process of our young director Mr. NISHANTH PARLAPALLI who is an Engineer from IIT-BOMBAY and MBA graduate from IIM-AHMEDABAD “you” the parents will be better placed to reap good dividends.