From class I to VIII the syllabus of CBSE is being followed. From Class IX-X  State Board syllabus is being followed.

Languages Offered

Hindi is introduced in PP II. From class I, 1st language will be Telugu, 2nd Language will be Hindi and 3rd language will be English.

Performance & Evaluation

Performance: All the students are expected to score a minimum of 40% in each prescribed subject to get promoted to next level.
Evaluation:Evaluation in the form of ‘formative’ and ‘summative’ will be followed, as per the guidelines given by CBSE & SSC.

SLIP TEST (ST) will be conducted as per the scheduled Time-Table, which will be given to the students on the school Re-opening day. The test will be conducted for 10 marks and the average of the ‘ST’ will be taken into account in summative tests (Unit Tests). 4 FAs and 2 SAs will be conducted.